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Hide-a-Book was inspired by my love for practical, pretty things and a desire for privacy. Books these days, (especially if you read romance), don’t always have the most attractive covers and are usually not safe for work. Not to mention the funny looks from strangers or people who are curious to know what you’re reading. I also found that it just wasn’t practical to toss a paperback book in my purse. The cover would get bent and the bookmark would fall out. After searching high and low and not finding any stylish, convenient options, I decided to create my own unique book covers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I hope you will tell a friend! We would love to hear what you think.

Now after several years of success with our covers we are expanding our product line. We are creating products for people who love books and reading as much as I do.

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what people are saying about us...

“They are a pretty way to hide the covers of small or large paperbacks… – genius!”

– Rare Bird Finds


“I think the idea behind the product is nothing short of inspired! READ THAT BOOK SHAMELESSLY IN PUBLIC!! because no-one will ever know what you’re reading.”

– Maisyh, jewelry designer and blogger

“I have mentioned ‘Hide-a-Book’ before but now I can highly recommend hiding your book! I ordered a couple for myself and a couple for a friend. We both love them. Nothing better to hide those sexy porn like vampire covers on public transport and from family. If you haven’t already had a look then just take a peak! They make great pressies!”

– Amberkatze, Book Blogger & Reviewer


“For keeping your deliciously wicked covers under wrap wherever decidedly un-wicked people will be staring at you funny.”

– Moriah Jovan, author

what our awesome customers are saying about us...

“I love my HideABook cover! It will protect my books plus not let the world know what I’m reading! My cover was mailed super quick and awesome communication with the seller letting me know when my cover was mailed and when to be looking for it.”


“This has been the second time that I’ve ordered these beautiful book covers and I couldn’t happier. The attached bookmarks are absolutely adorable and the covers themselves are highly durable. I look forward to ordering more! =)”

“My Hide-a-Book cover rocks! It fits various widths very well and feels nice in my hands. Seller friendly and received order promptly! You gotta get yourself one! or two!”


“I gave this to my friend yesterday for her birthday and she is happy that she can hide her vampire porn books from the nosey eyes of the other passengers on the underground!”

“This design is beautiful and the book cover is incredibly well made. I’m giving this away as a present, and I can’t wait. She is going to love it!”


“I love these book covers!! the attached bookmark is awesome too!! It is so nice knowing people can’t see what i’m reading. Thanks for coming up with these oh-so-cute covers!”


“I absolutely love it, thank you! I shall be the envy of the other readers on my bus.”